Local Weather Data for Quedgeley

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Records for the month of January ( to Yesterday)


Highest Temperature:
Lowest High Temperature:
Highest Low Temperature:
Lowest Temperature:
Highest Temperature Range: --
Lowest Temperature Range:
Highest Apparent:
Lowest Apparent:
Highest Dewpoint:
Lowest Dewpoint:
Highest Heat Index:
Lowest Windchill:
Highest UV Index:
Highest Average UV:
Highest Heating Degree Days:
Highest Cooling Degree Days:
Highest Solar Radiation: W/m2
Highest Sunshine Hrs: hrs.
Max Evapotranspiration: hrs.

Humidity & Rainfall

Lowest Humidity: %
Maximum Rain Rate: /hr
Max Rain in a Day:
Max. Monthly Rain:
Min. Monthly Rain:
Max No of Wet Days:
Min No of Wet Days:
Longest Dry Period: days to
Longest Wet Period: days to


Highest Gust:
Highest Avg Wind Speed:
Highest Daily Wind Run:
Lowest Daily Wind Run:

Atmospheric Pressuee

Highest Pressure:
Lowest Pressure:
Larget Pressure Rise: /hr
Largest Pressure Fall: /hr


These tables show the records for a specific month, between Jan 1st 2014 and yesterday. The month displayed is for January.

Use the selector above to change to your required month.

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