Local Weather Data for Quedgeley

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Highest Temperature:
Lowest High Temperature:
Highest Low Temperature:
Lowest Temperature:
Highest Temperature Range:
Lowest Temperature Range:
Highest Apparent:
Lowest Apparent:
Highest Dewpoint:
Lowest Dewpoint:
Highest Heat Index:
Lowest Windchill:
Highest Heating Degree Days:
Highest Cooling Degree Days:
Highest UV Index:
Highest Average UV:
Highest Solar Radiation: W/m2
Highest Sunshine Hrs: hrs.
Max Evapotranspiration: hrs.

Humidity & Rainfall

Lowest Humidity: %
Maximum Rain Rate: /hr
Max Rain in a Day:
Max. Monthly Rain:
Min. Monthly Rain:
Highest Yearly Rain:
Lowest Yearly Rain:
Max No of consecutive Wet Days: days
Min No of consecutive Wet Days: days
Longest Dry Period: days to
Longest Wet Period: days to


Highest Gust:
Highest Avg Wind Speed:
Highest Daily Wind Run:
Lowest Daily Wind Run:

Atmospheric Pressure

Highest Pressure:
Lowest Pressure:
Larget Pressure Rise: /hr
Largest Pressure Fall: /hr


Use the selection button below to choose the period required to display.

Data is taken from my Summary data so does not include todays readings and obviously, some headings will be less appropriate for different periods.

Where a records has been set on multiple dates, all will be displayed. This can be an issue when sensors fail returning a zero reading for extended periods. Records are included only from Jan 1st 2014.

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