Local Weather Data for Quedgeley

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All Time Records ( to Yesterday)


Highest Temperature:
Lowest High Temperature:
Highest Low Temperature:
Lowest Temperature:
Highest Temperature Range:
Lowest Temperature Range:
Highest Apparent:
Lowest Apparent:
Highest Dewpoint:
Lowest Dewpoint:
Highest Heat Index:
Lowest Windchill:
Highest UV Index:
Highest Average UV:
Highest Solar Radiation: W/m2
Highest Heating Degree Days:
Highest Cooling Degree Days:
Highest Sunshine Hrs: hrs.
Max Evapotranspiration: hrs.

Humidity & Rainfall

Lowest Humidity: %
Maximum Rain Rate: /hr
Max Rain in a Day:
Max. Monthly Rain:
Min. Monthly Rain:
Highest Yearly Rain:
Lowest Yearly Rain:
Max No of Wet Days in Year:
Min No of Wet Days in Year:
Longest Dry Period: days to
Longest Wet Period: days to


Highest Gust:
Highest Avg Wind Speed:
Highest Daily Wind Run:
Lowest Daily Wind Run:

Atmospheric Pressuee

Highest Pressure:
Lowest Pressure:
Larget Pressure Rise: /hr
Largest Pressure Fall: /hr


Records are only displayed from January 1st 2014

Prior to 2014 the station was in various locations and was subject to higher temperatures in the summer months due to radiation / convection from the building.

My weather station is currently positioned above my roof but the temperature and humidity sensors are on an ENE facing wall and do get direct sunlight for a short period in the mornings - therefore early morning temperatures in the summer can be a little higher than they should be. It is in shade the rest of the day.

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Software: CumulusMX (v:, build: )